This section is devoted to people and their traditions as well as the way they express themselves. At times it is eternal and rudimentary as in Castro (Celtic) zones or in the case of figures engraved on rocks (pertoglyphs), widespread in the whole region. But it can also be festive and joyful as evidenced in our most important manifestations.

The “carrilanas” races in Esteiro (Muros) can serve as an example of a recent activity which has already generated an enthusiastic response. The recovered holiday called “Fiesta de la Empanada de Noia” is worth our special attention as well as “Fiesta del Pan en Muros”.

Rural pilgrimages known as “romerías” or laidback social life at quiet squares full of charm will let us get to know people who live in the ría zone from the inside.

You will understand why alleys are so narrow and the porches so robust.

You will see how fishing sets the pace of life at the Noia market square. You will even be able to go across the ría in the oldest sailing boat in Galicia. During the voyage you will also listen to the expert crew members revealing some secrets of sailing.

Balandro Joaquín Vieta

The “Balandro” or sloop Joaquín Vieta is the oldest sailing boat made in Galicia. It was built between 1915 and 1916 in one of the historic carpenter’s workshops of Ribeira do Freixo, Outes, and was commissioned […]

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Alleways of Muros

The old town quarters of Muros are a monumental example of a fishing village and allowed the town to be declared a historic-artistic site in 1970. Besides its seaside houses with their splendid porches, […]

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The island of A Creba

A mysterious and almost inaccessible island located between the municipalities of Outes and Muros watches over us. Legend has it that it was once a common hideout for pirates who would take refuge […]

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Esteiro Soapbox races

The soapbox race is one of the most spectacular of the town’s summer celebrations and is undoubtedly seen as a real competition event. The uniqueness of the Esteiro Soapbox Grand Prix in Muros, […]

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Bidding market and food market

In a town with such a deeply rooted fishing culture there just had to be a bidding market. The frenetic activity of the Muros bidding market is housed in a building located at the end of the port next to other warehouses […]

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Food market

Located on the pier of Cadalso, the picturesque food market of Noia, known locally as “Plaza de Abastos” or Plaza del Pescado”, offers the best products in our area in perfect conditions of hygiene and convenience while […]

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Lizard plaza

It is not hard to imagine what reptile this small quiet plaza gets its popular name from. The plaza features secluded terraces where we can have something to drink and spend an enjoyable time among the typical […]

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The straw hats known as sancosmeiros (made in the parish of Santo Ourente) are the most remarkable section of local crafts. With this technique, derived from that used by women to braid her hair, are manufactured […]

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