In a town with such a deeply rooted fishing culture there just had to be a bidding market. The frenetic activity of the Muros bidding market is housed in a building located at the end of the port next to other warehouses intended for several other purposes.

Featuring an ice factory and an auction and weighing area, it receives the catches of a large number of boats docking at the port on a daily basis. The wealth of fish and shellfish that can be auctioned in a single day is a real spectacle to watch, besides giving us a glimpse of the wealth of our waters.

In a second stage, the sea products are sent to the fish market after being auctioned at the port. As all good town markets, the Muros food market is bubbling with life and activity. But this time however we must take a look at its unique four-storey building and the outer double-flight stairway with its magnificent stone-masonry balustrade. This is just another example of the harmonic architecture that embellishes the municipality.

El tiempo en Muros
Viernes 25°
Sábado 19°
Domingo 16°
Lunes 17°
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