The old town quarters of Muros are a monumental example of a fishing village and allowed the town to be declared a historic-artistic site in 1970.

Besides its seaside houses with their splendid porches, its quiet plazas and stone-paved streets, special mention must be made of a large number of narrow alleys, proudly leading up to the main street despite their small size, and boasting such intriguing names as the Alley of Hope, the Alley of the Suffering of Our Lady, the Alley of the Angel or the Alley of the Prince. Among them, the archway of Don Diego stands out for its special features; the archway is a medieval structure built in the same way as the town wall gates that would provide access to the enclosure in the old days. The archway is named after Don Diego de Muros III, dean of Santiago de Compostela in 1494. Just as his ancestors, Don Diego played a major social role in the town of Muros.

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