The “Balandro” or sloop Joaquín Vieta is the oldest sailing boat made in Galicia. It was built between 1915 and 1916 in one of the historic carpenter’s workshops of Ribeira do Freixo, Outes, and was commissioned by Joaquín Vieta Ros. This means that the vessel sailed during such intense historic periods as the Spanish Civil War, the Great European War and World War II, while performing a wide range of services which included that of merchant shipping and even serving the purpose of a training vessel.

In 2007 and after many drawbacks it was intended to be dismantled for fire wood but a group of enthusiasts decided to recover such a major symbol of our sailing culture. This historic nautical gem—which was rehabilitated in 2010—now enjoys a well-deserved retirement and is used as a leisure boat for quiet cruises, allowing whoever wishes to “enlist” as a member of its seasoned crew to learn the secrets of sail navigation and discover the most beautiful settings of the Muros-Noia estuary. You can find out more about such an extraordinary experience by calling 981 821 087 or visiting

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