“Believe” is the most Galician section in our offer of experiences, as in it we find mingled magic, religion, faith or popular believes; very important aspects in our land.

The feeling and aesthetic of the via crucis which, born in San Francisco convent, ascends mount Oroso improving at every step the sight of the magical mount of Louro in Muros.

A saint specialized in removing the devil from the body in a pilgrimage in Orente (Outes).

A singular museum in the town of Noia situated in a church nave shows examples of tombstones, especially the guild ones.

A spectacular Christ from the San Pedro Church in Muros. Monasteries, like the one in Toxosoutos (Lousame), which ruled over various municipalities. Beautiful wayside shrines (“ánimas de petos”) in Porto do Son. Medieval cruises.

A magical cork tree in San Lourenzo (Lousame). All of the above are just a handful of attractive examples which magic and faith use to seduce us in this ría.

The church of San Martiño

It is rightfully claimed that there are two essential churches that must be included in every visit to Noia. We already mentioned Santa María a Nova in the Top 10 with regard to the Laudas […]

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San Campio de Outes

Driving the devil out of people’s bodies was the demanding task to which San Campio was devoted, albeit more spiritually than physically. San Campio was a Roman soldier who turned to Christianity and died a martyr […]

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Holy Christ of the agony

This baroque representation is charged with a high degree of drama to convey the suffering of Christ on the Cross. It is located on the altar of Our Lady of Sorrows in the church of San Pedro. The church was built […]

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Wayside Shrines and Stone Crosses

These ornamental constructions feature the Christian symbol of the cross as their main element. Religious influence encouraged the spread of these constructions throughout the entire region of Galicia […]

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Toxosoutos monastery

The monastery of San Xusto de Toxosoutos was founded in the early 12th century on the banks of the river San Xusto de Lousame. Through the ages it eventually became one of the most important of the fourteen […]

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Convent of San Francisco and the Stations of the Cross

Also known as San Francisco de Rial, this Gothic-style church is nested in a small valley in Louro, Muros. Surrounded by a sturdy wall, the building originated in the 13th century and stands out as one […]

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Sanctuary of La Virgen Del Camino

Testimony of faith seafood. This sailor Gothic temple dates from the fifteenth century, although there are old remains of a previous Romanesque chapel. The nave, of four sections, is formed by three arches […]

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Iglesia Sta Mª del Campo / S. Pedro

Antigua Colegiata de Muros. Actual iglesia parroquial de Muros. De la construcción original, del s. XIII, destaca la portada románica. El interior muestra un ejemplo del gótico marinero, con una nave […]

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San Lourenzo and O Confurco

In this beautiful scenario we can enjoy an inanimate theatre competition. Trees and rocks rival in order to obtain the most surprising shapes. Cork oaks twisting endlessly until they reach unimaginable shapes […]

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Guild Tombstone Museum

In the grounds of the deconsecrated church of Santa Maria A Nova de Nos, you can find the most peculiar museum we’ve ever seen. The Noia Museum of guild tombstones (“laudas gremiais”) shows us numerous […]

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