A Ría da Estrela. We invite you to meet us.

A starfish, equipped with incoming and outgoing contour you want to remember the varied coastal boundary, and in which each of the five concellos (Lousame, Muros, Noia and Outes Porto do Son) is represented as one of the five legs, and that evokes aspects of the road (like the relationship with the Milky Way), will be responsible for unifying the promotional messages geodestino Muros-Noia, “to laugh da Estrela”.

In this phase now beginning, it is launching a website capable of accommodating the various tourism resources, as well as news of cultural, sporting or social nature that generate the five concellos. Accompanying this website, come into operation various social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) which, in addition to advertise local attractions and help maintain a relationship with residents and visitors, will also collaborate decisively with the positioning of the web product. (INSTAGRAM riademurosnoia – www.facebook.com/ariadaestrela FACEBOOK – TWITTER da EstrelaMurosNoia RIA).

Logotipo A Ría da Estrela

This virtual section is accompanied by 60,000 promotional brochures and stands located in selected contrar well with high traffic of people or to have a special relationship with the tourism points.
Finally, a modular stand will be responsible for promoting the Muros Noia between the great Galician public, its rotation malls being provided with greater affluence of visitors of the 7 Galician cities.
Once this mission, the stand is then used to support the presence of geodestino concellos in tourism fairs.
To make sense of all these tools, a communication strategy focused on unity of action hellebore, why not show a range of tourist resources divided by concellos but chooses to organize itself based on a series of sensations or experiences.
“Believe” is the Galician section of the catalog of experiences, it incorporates elements or places marked by magic, faith, legends and popular beliefs.
The section “Know” focuses on cultural aspects, with a special emphasis on industrial tourism resources, possibly the type of tourism that has developed over recent years.
“Hearing” brings us closer to our ancestors, to their stories and traditions, parties and fairs.
An area of ​​such natural beauty had to also have a section devoted to landscaping; “View” the viewpoints and beaches are the main protagonists.
Finally a fifth section called “Eat, drink and sleep” puts us in touch not only with our best products, but also with the hospitality industry, essential for the success of an activity like this.

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